Warwalking, Warbiking and Wardriving

Warwalking, warbiking and wardriving is a term that usually use in wireless network community.

Warwalking is done by walking through the neighborhoods looking for wireless networks with a PDA, PSP or mobile phone.

Warbiking is same as wardriving where it involves searching for wireless network while the person is on a moving bicycle or motorcycle.

Wardriving is an act of a person to searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks using a moving vehicle with a notebook, PDA, PSP or mobile phone.

All the software such as NetStumbler and Kismet is freely available over the internet.

Wardriving only log and collect information about wireless access point (WAP) without using the network's services.

Piggybacking refer as connecting to the network and use it services without authorization or permission from the owner of the WAP.


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