5 Things Need To Consider When Buying Laptop (Notebook) Cooler

Do you know that notebook motherboard will damage if the notebook is overheating? Where these heats come from? Heats from notebook are produce from the component itself such as Random Access Memory (RAM), Central Processing Unit (CPU) and hard disk. Then here come the question whether “Do I really need notebook cooler?”

Well, it is depend on your notebook and yourself. Monitor your notebook temperature using temperature monitoring software (SpeedFan, Hmonitor and Im-sensors) and if the software show sign of overheating regularly. It is advisable to buy a notebook cooler to reduce the heat.

Of course, you can try to check the component of your hard disk by hand. Put your hand to the component and feel the component? If the component is too hot (like can cook an egg), please buy a notebook cooler.

After you have decide to buy a notebook cooler then come the parts of guide to buy a notebook cooler:

1. Material

You need to search for a notebook cooler that faster to transfer heat such as metal. Metal is known as a material that is faster to transfer heat. Plastic is rather slow material to transfer. heat. Choose a light material to make you easy to carry hte notebook cooler around at your backpack.

2. Fan

First you need to look at the bottom of your notebook and detect where the component that is always overheat. Then find the product of notebook cooler that provide faster speed of fan and where the fan are placed. It is important to look where the fan are located do that is  so that is easy for the heat to flow out from the notebook. Meanwhile the speed of fan can determine how fast the heat can be out from your notebook.

3. Style and Design

Style and design is an also a competitive factor for a product. There are so many different style and design provided by each product. But search a notebook cooler design which is easy for you to typing, see the monitor and have extra Universal Serial Bus (USB).

4. Budget

Lastly it is down to your budget itself to buy a notebook cooler. If you have extra budget you might go with the expensive one (Notepal) and if you don't. Just go to cheap one but has some feature that may reduce the heat from your computer.

5. Size

Are you travel frequently? Do you work portablely? The size also matter because if the size is bigger, it will hard for you to carry the notebook cooler around in your beg pack.


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