7 Things About Computer Music Player: Songbird

Songbird is an open-source customizable music player that look similar to iTunes but have many features and add-on. For music and internet addict, you should try this music player. This will be your music player and your web broser.

Here are the feature of Songbird:

1. Tabbed Browsing
Songbird comes with browsing tabs feature based on Firefox tab which is something new in music player and unique. You can listen to music in Songbird while browsing the internet.

2. Themes (Feathers)
In Songbird music player, skin or themes is called "feathers". Even Songbird have some feathers that you can download in their site.

3. Add-on
Install the add-on to customize the appearance, management and web broswer of your Songbird.

4. Integrated Services
Songbird can integrateed with Flickr photos, Youtube videos, Last.fm and many more.

5. Features
Songbird support media importing from file system and iTunes. Support MP3, FLAC,WMA, AAC and many more. Songbird can runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

6. Control Panel
Songbird control panel is easy to understand and setting. Customization will be an easy task for you.

7. Web broswer
Songbird is really similar to Firefox with the shortcut key to open the broswer, download and the add-on which would make it easy for Firefox user.

Download here

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