5 Things To Do To Keep An Old Compuer

Here are some tips that I get from my 3 year experience on fix and running an old computer.

1. Clean your hardware
Make sure all the hardware in the computer is clean from dust including the fan. Because it will make the fan heavy due to the fan (same as like fan at your home) and reduce efficiency circulation of the heat. Try to unplug all the hardware and plug in back for example processor.

Note: Black screen on start up. Unplug and plug in the processor or RAM. Usually that the cause of the black screen.

2. Check your hardware
Make sure all the hardware is in good shape and don't be afraid to add new RAM. This is to make sure now error is occurred when you try to install operating system (OS) in that computer.

3. Choose your OS
Different requirement is needed for different OS. Don't install the operating system  that you are usually use. Try to explore new OS for example Windows 98 or you can choose SLAX for a change. Either way, choose your OS wisely and make sure you computer is fit to the OS that you install.

4.Choose your setting
If you have slow computer, try uninstall unused service or process. Make sure your computer have the best performance even though your interface are pale and not interactive. This will increase the performance of your computer.

5.Choose you software
Software that we installed on the computer also will effect the performance of the computer. Don't install software that we are not using or game that require many resources.

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