PIKOM PC Fair December 2008 At Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Some photo I take at Sabah Trade Center.

Kingmax Random Access Memory (RAM), thumb drive and memory card.

Logitech Booth

Candid Snap for Celcom Broadband Chicks.

HP booth.

Things I consider to buy:
  1. Xeon headphone- nice quality and cheap. Include noise isolation.
  2. Kingmax notebook RAM, memory card and thumb drive - new brand and have unique design.
  3. Kingston RAM - Now, 1 GB RAM is cheap
  4. Apacer thumb drive
  5. Another A4Tech earphone or JVC earphone - Really nice design
Note: For those who want to buy "mp3 shuffle" make sure the produce is an original one in PC Fair.

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