Spyware Attack Frenzy

This couple of month, I could say that it is a joyful to spyware because many of people get spyware residing on their pc. I have cleaned Antivirus Pro 2009, Spyware Protector, ErrorRepair Tool, XP antivirus 2009 and VirusTrigger. Sometimes it is not an easy job to get rid this "things" because they are sometimes clever in hiding themselves for protection against us that want them to destroy.

But how to remove this pesky little things that is so annoying and vicious? Spyware Doctor, Hijackthis and Autorun should do the trick. Spyware Doctor to detect and clean all the vicious spyware meanwhile Hijackthis to check if there any spyware that can be seen in the computer. Autorun used to remove and block the spyware to active when the Windows is start up.


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