The RapidShare Manager (RSM) is tools provided by RapidShare (RS) to make it easy to upload and allows multiple downloads at the same time. The interrupted uploads and downloads for Premium User can be resuming easily. RSM also has many functions such as change proxy settings, language and notification.

RS also provided quite good link checker that is called RapidShare Checker.It used to verify the RapidShare URLs whether the link is available or not. You can check the RapidShare Checker here.

But could RSM is better application than Internet Download Manager (IDM) or Free Download Manager (FDM)? Usually people are comfortable with IDM and FDM for downloading files in RS because there have "Queue" function. Maybe RSM should implement this in their RSM future enchaenement.RSM also has  error in their application. It needs to load and verify the every time the application before it is running.

The RapidShare Checker is check whether the link is available or not, right? But it only can check 1 link at a time. That could be time consuming and a lot of hassle. IDM provided automatic check when you want to download the file. It can check all links at time. See the different?

Even though RS is tools is not very good and interactive but RS still the favorite file-hosting that  provide fast connection as well as security. RS also introduce many benefit to their customer, this can be seen in their "Reward" program.


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