RapidShare vs MegaUpload

I'm sure this is the question that will pop up in the mind of file uploader and downloader. Which file hosting is better? Or there are any other option other than RapidShare (RS) and MegaUpload (MU)? For downloaders (leechers), the file hosting should have many variety of file selection such as movie, music and video.

Currently, this two file hosting are the most competitive among each other to satisfy their loyal customer. Currently RS has introduce new polices to their Premium Account user. Meanwhile MU still stick to the same feature without any changes.

Here is the feature comparison between RS and MU:

RS Feature

MU Feature

You can see the different feature that provide by each of the file hosting and each with their own feature are introduce.

RS will not allow premium user download using the same account from different Internet Protocol (IP) meanwhile MU allow their the premium account to be share even from different IP. RS premium user are limited to 80GB per month (2.66GB per day) as for MU, MU is unlimited to the premium user.

Now lets take a look at the pricing:

RS Price

MU Price

After take a look at the price of the file hosting and the feature, I would say that MU is the winner in this comparison of feature and price.Yahoo!!!Wait, like I mention earlier. For leechers, the file hosting that have many variety of file selection such as movie, music and video is the favorite one. So RS still the winner for the many variety of file. Each file hosting has their advantages and disadvantages.


Anonymous said...

to me RS sucked me real time.. I prefer to go with megaupload they look and feel better than RS for sure..

suwari on January 8, 2009 at 11:47 AM said...

Yes, I agree with you but when you search for MegaUpload link, there only a little site that have MegaUpload link. Currently, RS still on the top for uploader and leecher.
Hope that uploader will change to MegaUpload.

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