Rapidshare New Policy

Previously before their implement new policy on October 23 2008, Rapidshare(RS) users are able to download 10 Gb a download (what a heaven it is for leechers)and every single day the account will automatically reset 10 Gb.Butrecently,Rapidshare create a new policy to "fit for the future" (what is it mean by fit for the future) which allow user to download 2.66 Gb a day and the account will not reset any spaces.

The new feature that is new is FileMigrator which is easy for uploadedto move any files between account and TrafficShare which I quite dontknow yet what is the function for this.All the new feature is a goodnews for uploaders but not for leechers(downloaders).
This new policy is only effect to those that create new account after October 23,2008.

RS also will not control uploads (attract more upload but with a little space who will download the file) which is a good privilage where keep a trust to their customer.


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