Streamyx connected two pc using modem

For your information,I am using modem,switch,one pc and one notebook.So,how to make both PC and notebook connect to the internet simultaneously.This is really work but the connection is not stable.I am currently using 512 Kbps (Too Slow for me).If anyone interested to to try this be my guest:

1.Open you internet browser.
2.Type this in the address bar."".(without the quotes and depend on the adsl modem given by streamyx also)
3.Go to "Quick Start".
4.Go to "Run Wizard".
5.Click "NEXT".
6.Type your "New Password" and "confirm Password".
7.Select your area time zone
8.Select your internet connection type to connect to your ISP
-I choose PPPoE/PPPoA
-Type your username and password your used for streamyx(for example ****@streamyx)
-Finish filled the form then click next.
-Igorne all other option.Just click next
9.Click "NEXT"
10.Restart your modem.


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