Iexplorer.exe virus

This virus is really tricky and the one who create this very smart but you missing something very important when write this virus.Hahahaha.I also got script of this virus.You may download and edit it.Make this virus more dangerous and more difficult to remove.

Download here the script

This virus is located in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer.Thats why I said this virus is tricky because it try hide itself in program files folder and hide in Internet Explorer folder so that people will assume that it is one of the Internet Explorer process.

To remove this virus:
1.Open Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DELETE)
2.Find Iexplorer.exe(Kill all process that name Iexplorer)
3.Go to folder option.
4.Show hidden files.
5.Go to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer
6.Delete file named:
7.Delete this C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\kill.bat"
8.Delete this also C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Iexplore.vbs"


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for this. One of my customers has this virus and I couldn't get rid of it, but now I have the key :-)

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