Qnext, The Swiss Amry Knife for Internet Communications Tools

Qnext is the world's most advanced communication tools that combine communication, file sharing and broadcasting.

  1. Qnext can be use as Universal Instant Messenger to keep you connected to all popular IM's such as Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, iChat and MSN.
  2. Play instant games such as Backgammon,Chess, Checkers and Poker with anyone anywhere privately.
  3. Qnext file sharing and photo sharing service allow you to share documents, photos and stream music among your friends in your IM or make it publicly available to anyone. Qnext using SSL encryption to ensure security for file sharing.
  4. Remote PC Access and Application Sharing to control your PC remotely or share application with other. This serivce need to be purchase.


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