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Kerchoonz is founded by Indiana Gregg and Ian Morrow; they have begun developing the site in October 2006. In January 2008, they created and in April 2008, a new company Kerchoonz Ltd was formed.

Kerchoonz is a social networking platform packed with interactive areas that allows free exchange of music, art, idea and entertainment between musicians, business people, artists and technologist. When you play or downloads song from Kerchoonz, it is doesn’t cost you anything and it all free. You get free music meanwhile artist get paid.

Kwidget is an interactive widgets where you can add photo, video, blog and music. If you register an account with Kerchoonz, you may take part in ‘Kwidget Network’. With Kwidget Network, promotes the site by allowing users to paste a banner on forums, other sites and in emails. For every band or artis that joins the site through one of these referral kwidgets, the user who pasted it receives $5.

Why artist or musician should sign up with Kerchoonz?
Artists can track downloads and streams of their music so they will know what region or even city their fans are coming from. If an artist doesn't want to give the music away as a free download, they can simply turn that function off. They can direct their fans to any online store they choose. However, they will still get paid if someone listens to their music through Kerchoonz. The streams are encrypted thus they can upload their full song without worrying about someone simply "stealing" it.



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Indiana Gregg so pretty, I love she lol, and that video is cool.

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