Facebook users may get worse grades


Study has been release by Ohio State Uiversity, it shows that college student who use Facebook, spend less time studying and have lower grades than students who dont't use the popular social networking site.

The result of the study is:
  • Student who majors in science, technology, engineering, math and business were more likley to use Facebook than student major in social sciences and humanities
  • 85% of undergraduates in Ohio States University use Facebook meanwhile 52% of graduate student had accounts.
  • Student who studied between 1-5 hour per week, had GPAs between 3.0 -3.5 meanwhile nonusers who studied 11-15 hours per week, had GPAs between 3.5 and 4.0
Now, this is the question for all university student?
Should we also done their own study but in big scope about social networking site? This is very good research paper to do.


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