CNBC review PCs vs Mac

Pcs need to pay $600 extra to perform same as Mac. Here the list what "you need to buy to make Pcs perform as well as Mac":

Norton Anti-Virus: $50/year
Multimedia Software: $80-$104
Photoshop: $140
Video Editing: $100
Music Software: $100
Geek Squad Visit: $129

Quote from the videos:
"Photoshop, you get that with Apple, you don't get that with a PC."
"If your PC breaks down; Macs tend not to, if your PC breaks down, you're gonna want to call the Geek Squad."

"On an Apple, better than 8 hours [battery life]."

MacBook gain:
  • Weighs 1.2 lbs. lighter
  • Battery life that's four times longer
  • "faster chip" and high resolution screen.

I disagree with what CNBC said !!
Because nowadays you can get free antivirus, you can use AntiVirus such as Avira. For the Photoshop, multimedia software, music software and video editing, actually there are lot of free software that do same as those software such as, Winamp and etc. Now, I will list the price for the cost of software after I buy my Pcs.

Anti-Virus: Avira Free
Multimedia Software: Winamp, Windows Media Player Classic Free
Photoshop: Free
Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker Free
Music Software: Winamp, Windows Media Player Classic, VLC Free
Geek Squad Visit: I usually fix it myself Free

For CNBC information, most organziation use Windows because People can do with what they want with their operating system. Even though 'Virus' and 'Software' still the weak point for Windows.


Voice and Data Integration on April 22, 2009 at 5:25 PM said...

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