Real Rank or Google Page Rank

For those who frustrated with the recent update on their website or blog page rank, don't be sad. Here I will introduce a Google Page Rank alternative that is called RealRank™. IZEA launched its own version of a blog ranking tool system. IZEA released the scoring algorithm they use:
  • 70% - daily unique visitors
  • 20% - daily active inbound links
  • 10% - daily page views

In order to get your ranking, you have to include a tracking script in your blog so they can collect the data from your blog and. Closely associated with RealRank™ is PayPerPost(PPP).PPP provide another alternative to blogger to increase their income by post a paid or sponsored blog in their blog or website.

But that the bad side, Google just doesn’t like the idea of paid or sponsored blog posts. If you notice you page rank is decreasing, maybe you put too much of sponsored post in your blog or website. A little advice, if you prefer Google Page Rank, removes all the sponsored post in your blog and reduces accepting sponsored post.

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