Ip Spoofing in Windows Vista

Does anyone have tried to spoof other computer Internet Protocol(IP) using Windows Vista? For Windows XP Pro 2, it is quite easy to spoof other computer IP in the network. You can use third party application to spoof IP or change the MAC address in your computer.

Windows Vista is available with IPv6(Internet Protocol version 6) and it is already embeded in the operating system meanwhile Windows XP is optional so you need to install it yourself by using command prompt.

I have tried to spoof ip from of the computer in the network but unfortunalety it useless because I still can not connect to the Internet. Is it because of IPv6 in Windows Vista which make it hard to spoof ip?

Update (January 14, 2009)
I have tried to spoof someone ip and it is working for me.But make sure that the target computer is not online.
  1. Copy the target computer MAC address in Notepad.
  2. Unplug your cable internet.
  3. Change MAC address in your computer same as your target computer.
  4. After that, plug in the cable back.
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