How to disable Flip 3D in Windows Vista

Personally for me, Windows Vista Flip 3D is pretty useless but for some people found it is very useful. The Flip 3D is slower than the normal Flip. For those who doesn't  that Windows Vista have this feature, you can use Flip 3D by pressing 'Windows key logo + Tab'.

Step-by-Step guide:

1. Right click anywhere in your desktop and choose 'Personalize'.

2. Next, a 'Personalization' windows will show. Click on 'Windows Color and Appearance' .

3. A new windows will show up. Click on 'Open classic appearance properties for more color options'. 

4. 'Appearance Settings' window will pop up. On 'Appearance' tab, choose 'Windows Vista Basic' under the 'Color Scheme'. Then, click 'OK'.


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