In-Flight Gadget

For those who are taking a flight for the first time, you should know
that on a plane it is very boring. Even though, many people said that
"if you are bored why don't you take a look at outside". Well, the
nothing interesting outside of the window.

Here are some gadget that you should pack in your bag pack:

1.PlayStation Portable (PSP)

gamer also can play game during the flight or on the bus. It is more
small and convenient. That is why PSP is the gadget that you should
bring with you on the flight but make sure that the Wireless  Local Area Network (LAN) is turn off.

2. Mp3 Player, Mp4 Player or IPod

is my favorite gadget that I must bring with me when I taking the
flight. These gadget surely entertain you with music or lecture that
you put in your gadget. Make sure don't turn on the radio just to be caution.

3. Notebook or Laptop

is needed when you are very bored and nothing else to do or you have
work need to be finished. This will be your company and make your pass
the time faster. You can watch movie, listen to music and do some of
your left over work. Don't forget to bring extra notebook battery.

4. Mobile Phone
will be your final gadget that you will be used when in desperate
moment only. Because the airline does not allow of using mobile phone
during the flight but what if we turn on the "Flight Mode". Will the airline allow their customer using mobile phone?

Now the airlines company adding Mp3 Player as the prohibited item. Why
Airlines Company prohibited that gadget? And doesn't mobile phone has
function "Flight Mode" (for Sony Ericsson)?Technorati Tags: , , , , ,


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