How To Increase Alexa Rank

1. Install Alexa toolbar
Download and install Alexa toolbar in your Internet browser, click here to download the Alexa toolbar. Or you can download the SearchStatus extension for Firefox which display Alexa Rank, Google PageRank and other features.

Note: Do not install Alexa toolbar and SearchStatus extension both. You might actually get banned from Alexa.

2. Put an Alexa rank widget
Put an Alexa rank widget in your website or blog. Every visitor that come to your website will be count even if the toolbar is not used by the visitor.

3. Promote other to use Alexa toolbar
Well, promote your friends and family to use install Alexa toolbar. If you work in an organization, get Alexa toolbar or SearchStatus extension installed on each computer.

4. Write content
Write about an issue or article that will attract others to read your content. Write about Alexa or  related to webmasters. This topic will get webmaster to read and visit your website. Make sure to write something that people love to read about.

5. Post your URL and content
Post your URL and content in webmaster forums like Digital Point which will send many visitor to your site every day. Post your URL in every forum that you join to expose your site.Submit your URL to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and every directory or search engine that you can.

6. Social networking
Join MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog to let other people know about your site. Sign up for Facebook, Friendster,MySpace and etc? Put also your URL to attract people to visit your website.

7. Digg, StumbledUpon and Technorati
Get dugg from Digg or stumbled from stumble upon. This will bring large number of visitor to your website.

8. Set as homepage
Set your website or blog as you homepage on every computer in your workplace. Ask your friends that work in cybercafe to set your site as a homepage on every computer.

9. Post, Banners and links
Use PayPerClick campaigns such as Google AdWords, Adbrite or etc to buy advertisement that will help to bring traffic. Join link exchange like Entrecard  and Smorty between webmaster to promote your website. There also PayPerPost where you can pay other based on post.

10. Contest or giveaway
Post about your blog, post the contest link and subscribe to your RSS. This will massive traffic to your website. It gives benefits to both reader and webmaster as well. Webmaster get high traffic meanwhile reader might win some prizes. You can submit you contest here.

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Fortune Park Hotels Ltd on December 30, 2008 at 5:27 PM said...

Google has moved up in the Alexa rankings and is now placed in the second position behind a very consistent Google has replaced which is now placed at the third positions. However, the traffic reach of is rapidly increasing and Microsoft is seemingly putting all its attention in One need not be surprised if conquers the top position in the near future.

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