2008 Earphones And Headphones Collection

For 2008, we can see company like Sonic Gear and Altec Lansing is introducing earphone and headphone as their new product for their customer. Panasonic and Creative is the pioneer of the personal audio because their develop music product such as mp3 player but now Sony and A4Tech also began to follow other footsteps from other company to put earphone as well headphone in their product strategy. We also must not forget Sennheiser with their product which is unique and stylish but they still keep the quality of their product as their top priority.

Sonic Gear


Ed Banger X WeSc  

This coming December, Nixon introduce their 2008 Winter Headphone and Earphone Collection. Nixon bring new taste and look in the personal audio market. New headphone with funky look from Ed Banger X WeSc will be available August 20th.

For 2008 earphone collection, I use iSecureFit Metallic Earphone from A4Tech because the quality is of the earphone is great with the noise isolation feature and the long earphone cords to make easy for you to move. Plug the earphone to your notebook or mp3 player.Try playing some music and setting your volume to half.


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