Windows Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has release their internet browser which also known as Internet Explorer(IE).Before this IE has released IE7 which said have many features and advantages, but what will the IE8 have that make the user want to use this new version of browser?The top features that has been informed now from Microsoft are Smart Screen,Compatibility view,InPrivate Browsing,Accelerators and Web Slices.

There also some other feature that you might look into the future and further more there must some feature that is being introduced to every new internet browser which is different from other browser.IE 8 still in beta so if you want to try out,you are welcome to go here.Before you download and install this browser, I just want to warn you that this is still in beta.

Some anti virus program, applications or computer does not support this browser and might make you computer crash.Please do this under your own risk.


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