Block specific internet protoco(ip) to enter your folder sharing

Are you in a big network and with so much people?You want to share folder between your friends but you don't want other than your friends enter the share folder?What you need to do?

Method I come up to do this:

Firewall:Install firewall in your computer but be careful because some of the firewall software will prevent other including your friends can not enter the folder.Choose the correct firewall software that suit you and easy for you to work with.Also find firewall that use a little resource but have many features such as exception.This exception can allow only allow ip enter share folder.This technology or feature can be found in Sygate Personal Firewall.This is Windows Xp compatible and I promise you it is very light.

ShareAlarm:Secondly I use this software and for you information it is not freeware.It have feature where it can blacklist the ip or host name.By that,the ip that list in the blacklist can not enter your ip.With the logging and accounting managment, you can track individual user that try to enter your ip.Click here for more information.This product still can not support ipv6.Compatible with Vista as well as XP.

*Sharing is caring that what my friends use to say.But sharing too much will reduce your computer perfomance.


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