Rapidshare Premium Account New Policy

With the oil price is rising, Rapidshare also give bad news to everyone who have premium account and share it with their friend.

"RapidShare keeps the legal right to close an account that are used by
several people. It is a violation of terms to share an account."

The "Condition Of Use" is really in use now but people in Rapidshare does not thinking.Not all people in the world their internet connection speed is fast enough.Sometimes my account does not reach download 1 Gb a day so it will be useless.

Rapidshare Premium Account should be use to anyone because doesnt premium mean we also have the right to say that, we would like to share to anyone I like? Where is the right and privilege for premium user?

Rapidshare just need to build a new account "Rapidshare Share Premium" for those who are like to share.This is my suggestion and if anyone from Rapidshare please consider this as proposal.


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