New CCNA Discovery

Thank you to Well Parker.

Module 1:Module 1(100%)
Module 2:Module 2
Module 3:Module 3
Module 4:Module 4
Module 5:Module 5
Module 6:Module 6
Module 7:Module 7
Module 8:Module 8
Module 9:Module 9
Module 10:Module 10
Module 11:Module 11
Final Exam:Final 1,Final 2

***Please download all the link to keep the file alive.(T_T).Anyone,please help others.


will on June 8, 2008 at 2:36 PM said...

That is sem2(exploration 2) plus sem1(exploration 1) that I uploaded for you

sOuL said...

ish3...not fair la answering question that are already have the are from universiti malaya right?!

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