Kavo Virus is back

Yesterday, my notebook has been infected by kavo virus.I try to fix this things.It is really easy.

Make sure you registery(regedit) and task manager is not disabled.If it is enabled,open your registery and follow this instruction:

version->explorer->advanced->folder->hidden->showall->CheckedValue" to
1 instead of the 0 which you are seeing.

If you do not do this, you wont be able to see hidden folders.Tadaaa.Now Dont OPEN your folder by double click.Go to address bar and type all the drive one by one(C:\,D:\,etc).Find "k.com" and "autorun.inf", delete those annoying files.

You are not finish yet, go to system files (...\Windows\system32\..).Find kavo.exe and kavo0.dll,again delete this.

Tadaaa now your computer are clean.


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