Are you computer safe enough?

Do you know most of company or organization computer is not safe from virus?Why I said so?

I have been to a couple of organization to help fix their computers "problem".Many of the computer that I got to fix require me to fix it in a day period time and some computer are not allowed to leave the room.And the worst part is the virus have critical virus that is difficult to fix but still they not allowed me to format it because inside the computer have personal information.

I have been asked the employee how they got the virus and the answered with calmly "I dont know".All the computer that need is done without formatting the system with some patient and thinking.

Here some tips for computer technician or administrator:

1.Use reliable ANTIVIRUS- AVIRA (Use free if you must)
3.Keep TRACK the worker activities-visiting website (and block the site if you must using opendns)

***Follow the 3 steps surely the company risk to get virus is minimal.


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