What do you need to prepare when sleeping at the airport?

This my life experinece when I stay one night at the airport.This the things you need to prepare(if you are plainning to stay a night in the airport):

-This is the most important thing you need to prepare.Not just to fill in you hard disk with movies and songs you just download but also somw games.It make sure the time goes fly quickly.
-Secondly,it is useful when the airport got free wi-fi access.So you can access your email,chating with your friends and etc.You also can update your blog free(if you are rarely access your blog)
-It can make as a pillow.Yes.I tried and it work.Im so desperate to take a shut eyes.Just go to a chair and out your notebook as a pillow.(Try this if you sure your notebook have warranty and your notebook can not turn on)<-Work for me.

2.MP3 player/any kind of player
-When you get annoying with the person besides you who keep on smoking,yapping and etc.Plug in those earphone and listen to the music.You might feel a little better.
-When you feel bored in the plane or waiting for the long queue.Song the the best medicine to keep you calm from yelling and cursing because of the long queue.

-Do you really need a trolley with just one bag?Think again.Can sleep at the chair?Or with other people besides and snoring?Take a trolley and go any where you want to take a sleep.As long you a not in the other people way.

-Night in the airport might be cold.Because there is a few people in the airport now.Who care about this few people who just waiting for the flight?Unless you are the son or daughter of the airplane company.

-Why this is on the list?You can know all the latest news about the world.What happen to the world.And people what have they become.
-More importanly,it is your blanket,your pillow when you have finished reading it.

-This is to make you a wake as long as possible.Why?Wait for the next thing I list.
-It also bored waiting your flight.

-Bring the 'big gun' you have in your closet(for example Canon 40d).I see this one person in the airport,she(maybe he) take a picture on those who a sleeping.It might be fun and the picture she take also might be won in an award.

8.Mineral water & Junk food
-Prepare this unless you are saving some money and there is no shop that sold this thing.Or might die of hunger and thirsty.

*Thats all you need when you are planning to sleep at the airport.You may add some of this.


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Lol, you saw someone take a picture of some other people sleeping? That is creepy

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