Diskeeper 2008 Premier Edition 12.0.758.0 Final

Diskeeper is a fully automatic defrgmentation engine that replaces the standard Windows defragmenter which runs only manually, consumes high resoureces and rewquires full administrator privileges to operate. Diskeeper constantly monitors and maintains your systems maximum performance, using the fastest defrag engine. According to the National Software Testing Lab (NSTL) proven 300-500% faster and far more thorough than Windows built-in defragmenters. The program includes a unique `Set It and Forget It` functionality with Smart Scheduling, that, once set, runs invisibly and fully automatic in the background. In addition, the Frag Guard feature helps prevent fragmentation in your most critical system files. Additional features include boot-time defrag, priority settings as well as the ability to defrag multiple disks automatically and simultaneously while system is in use.

Diskeeper Corporation announces the release of new Diskeeper®2008, the most automated performance enhancement defragmenter ever built. New features include the ability to defrag in the most extreme levels of low free space or the highest levels of crippling file fragmentation. Intelligent defrag dynamically chooses which software engine will net the most performance gains on a given system or environment. This is all done completely transparently, in real time, tapping the full power of otherwise unused idle resources with a highly advanced background processing technology called, InvisiTasking™.

So important is Diskeeper to the world of computing that it was named among the Top 5 products that everyone should have on their computer systems or networks.

Every machine suffers from file fragmentation1. Past solutions included resource-heavy "one pass" or manual approaches. With advancing technology, these have since become antiquated and replaced by more modern background processing technology. Using Diskeeper 2008’s revolutionary InvisiTasking, defragmentation operations now take place "on the fly", in real time, as fragmentation occurs. This means no performance degradation is ever caused by fragmentation related build-up—giving the user a constant maximum in speed and reliability at all times.

Diskeeper 2008 also introduces the most powerful defragmentation engines ever developed. Even on systems with as little as 1% free space available, Diskeeper can restore performance and reliability. New engines also handle crippling levels of file fragmentation numbering in the millions, as seen at large enterprise sites with massive server traffic.

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