Dr. Watson & Calc.exe

This post especially for Kudozu.

Kudozu,for your calc.exe problem.Just insert the windows XP and wait for the autoplay to run.After that chose "install other component..." then tick "Accessories and Utility" (Actually you can install iis to remote desktop your PC from this option).

***That is to solve the calc.exe problem.This maybe one of the problem.There may be other problem.

For dr.watson:

Dr.watson is not a virus.It is program error debugger that gather information about your computer when an error occur with a program.

***Maybe you have problem with your program.


kudozu on August 10, 2007 at 12:59 AM said...

aaa..thanks a lot.mmg dr watson bkn virus but die infected dr watson smpai av detect dr watson as a virus.tu yg jd tp bkn kat my lappy la.

so, mslh skang ni bkn calc.exe je xleh pakai.dah xleh nak install program lain.huhu.tq k?^_^Y

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