How much do you like Norton?

I believe some people out there hate Norton product(s) or maybe some not.Alright,here what happen today.I just recently installed a new software that I forgot what the name of the software.But what is weird is when the software finished installed , I check to my Windows Firewall and realized that there is something weird."Run dll as an app" that appear in the list of software or application that I allow but "that" I didn't allow.So checked with my spyware scan.

Spyware Doctor VS Norton Internet Security( In yahoo toolbar)
~The winner goes to Internet Security.

Spyware Doctor did not detect any spyware but Norton Internet Security did.I do full system scan both.I recommended you all using NIS in toolbar.Download it and scan your system.

**The spyware is located in C:\Windows\System32\Rundll32.exe
But dont delete this file.Trust me.The spyware have change your registry.To clean it just scan with NIS and all is done.

Download here


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