How impotant your registry is?

Registry is really important to you PC or notebook.Even if missing one it will be came disaster.I just recently formatted my notebook cause my I feel like they are so much file and software that I didn't use anymore.So I decided to formatted cause I'm to lazy to open,search and to remove the files.But after I formatted I just realized that my boot.ini, and ntldr is in partiton D.Damn.

It must be some registry is missing and not only that my volume control is missing in taskbar.I just recovered my volume control but I can't change the boot file.I have try many methods and it seem that all doesn't work.So I just gave up trying.

Here the software to fix your registry:

Regsitry Mechanic Password:RudeBoySes

Link file fix for Windows XP:
Download here

EXE fix for Windows XP:
Download here


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