Ok.This is one kind of the virus i found recently when i repair a laptop.This virus is same with the "autorun virus".Here how to delete this virus:

-open task manager.
-delete this process wscript.exe
-open your folder option.
-show all hidden files and extension of your files(including operating system).
-close your folder option.
-open your c:\ by right clickby selecting open.(If you accidently double click.Repeat this process from beginning).
-then find and delete this file:(if error coming out,the wscript.exe process still running)
~fucker.dll.vbs or Bha.dll.vbs
-then go to c:\windows find this file and delete :
-do the same for other partition in your computer.Im afraid that other partition also infected.

***Anyone have question.Send comments or email me.


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