Want to defrag your harddisk?

Why use windows defragmentation?You have to wait for a day or two to finish the defragmentation.Here another software that can change windows defragmentation."Diskeeper".Ever heard it before.Me and my friend use it.And im satisfied with this software.There is no need 15% disk space.If windows you need 15% free of your harddisk than you can defrag.Diskeeper dont need 15%.If you feel your harddisk need defrag,then defrag no matter how small left your harddisk.Try search and download it.

**I will add a link to download diskeeper,if i find one.K


2Ps on February 10, 2007 at 12:42 AM said...

Yup, i agree with you. I defrag regularly too.. with Diskeeper. Its doing a neat thing on my system. Cool features and really efficient.

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