Are you annoying with brontok and svcihost.exe?

Ok.Couple a day a go .I just experience this.My computer is infected by one of this virus.So here some of the way to clean this virus.

For Brontok:

1.Go to windows in safe mode
2.Find file MSVBVM60.dll in folder windows/system32
3.Rename it to MSVBVM60.old
4.Restart your computer in normal mode
**Im not try this yet on my computer but when i try it on other computer it work.

For Svcihost.exe:

1.delete C:\windows\svcihost.exe
2.delete C:\windows\system32\svcihost.exe
3.delete C:\windows\system32\nhatquanglan9.exe

or use:


to find svcihost.exe and delete it.
But makesure you also delete C:\windows\system32\nhatquanglan9.exe .

**Do not double click folder that have .exe behind it.That is only my advice.I also recommend that use antivir.Dont use Norton ever.Norton Sucks,it can not delete that virus.You also may use avast.Let you antivirus do your job,just sit or sleep and relax.


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