Cannot Eject Your Thumb Drive @ Pendrive

Here some tips ,if your thumb drive cannot be ejected from your computer.

Maybe your thumb drive maybe have been inflected by infrom.exe .Here how to remove 'that thing'.I know its really annoying coz you cannot ejected your pendrive.So here some tips if you pendrive infected by infrom.exe .I dont know what infrom.exe really is.Some antivirus detect it as virus and some detect it as spyware or adware.

But here how to remove it from your pendrive or your computer.Firstly go to your computer Folder Option.Click View and make sure you untick the option Hide protected operating system(Recommended).You also need to show any hidden files.After you done that,follow this directory and delete this file.

C:/Document And Setting/User/Templates/ldup.exe

Then go to Start,click Run type regedit \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWAREMicrosoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunccPrxy.exe

delete this registry.

Go to your thumbdrive,delete this also.Make sure you still untick the option Hide protected operating system(Recommended).Delete this file


Delete also this folder NT.Config.

This tips is not prove working perfectly.So any attempt to try it it is on you own.If you computer havin problem dont blame me okay.If have any other way to remove it plz put it in comments.


fami on August 10, 2008 at 11:59 AM said...

why cant we just update our AV latest definition and do full scan for this? just my 2 cents

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