Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity

Many people think that hacking is very difficult thinks to do? And it is can be done for IT experts only? With many tools can be used to hacked now, a little knowledge are need so it is getting easy to hack and even a boy of age 10 years old can learn to hack.

Most website as well as cctv webcam have username and password but what the administrator does not realize is that username and password are easily guessed. I have entered a website and cctv webcam that have easily guess username and password but still I don’t do nasty things because it is still an ethical. It is for fun to enter(hack) the cctv webcam site because we can look at other people (maybe your friend) and they does not realize that you are watching them.

One of the regular hacking happen in Local Area Network (LAN) environment are ip address spoofing* or arp poison**.This are the kind of hacking that usually be done at campus because it is really easily be done. This kind of hacking make all the internet user can not access the internet for a couple of day because of that I nearly fail an online exam and a research paper.

The security of a network must be safe from inside and outside attack..That is one example that the network security for the network is not secure.

You can understand the threats and the countermeasure of hacking by sign up at Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity. The workshop also cover the network security and disaster recovery that is very useful for organizations so for network engineer or administrator out register the workshop to keep your company or organization safe from hacker.


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