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You name it all,TeamViewer has all you want.Before I use TeamViewer,I use LogMeIN to connect to my computer at home(from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah).Its kinda slow and you need to access to the internet browser for you to gain access to your computer.But TeamViewer provide you with easy access and have independent application.You can make it portable or install it to computer.

**Try it and can tell it is the best.Best of all it is FREE.


Patrick said...

A low cost and effective alternative to this is Techinline Remote Desktop ( which is less than half the price. Nobody has to install anything and you could run it from any point in the world given that it only takes an internet browser to use, which is an awesome way of supporting somebody on the road! I especially like their "pay as you go" and although it is not as fully-featured as LogMeIn or Teamviewer, it is more than enough for simple remote support which I offer

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