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US official shutting Megaupload, Filesonic and Fileserve change their policy? Next..


Megaupload was shutdown earlier this month by US officials and for now Megaupload data safe from deletion.


After the US official shutdown Megauupload, Filesonic and Fileserve taking drastic change in their policy by disable sharing functionality. For all Filesonic User, you can reclaim your money from them. Meanwhile, Fileserve doesn't issue any news that their user can reclaim money from them.

Next, will US official will target RapidShare again?

Do you noticed the different from Microsoft image?


This is news have been around the Internet for a week now. Image below (top) from the US business site and the same picture (bottom) from the Polish site, do you noticed any difference? Picture at the bottom have been photo-shopped.

Update: Microsoft has now fixed the image on the Polish site so it is the same as the US version.

Wireless Charger reveal by Duracell


Battery manufacturer 'Duracell' has revealed its own wireless charging device called 'myGrid'.

Duracell claims that myGrid can power a variety of gadgets wirelessly including handsets also a range of MP3 players. The super thin charger pad will begin charging when device is on and the pad will turn off when nothing is present.

The myGrid is due for release in October.


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